There are 4 different methods to reset your PVR decoder

Download pdf page

Download pdf page

Method 1
Switch PVR on
Hold down on remote for 15 seconds
Then press
Then press
Enter PIN – 1649

Method 2
Switch PVR on
Hold down on PVR for 15 seconds.
When dL displays press on PVR
Then press < ARROW UP> on PVR
Then press < AROW DOWN> on PVR
Then press

Method 3
Take PVR in to Multichoice for software update
If none of the above methods work you can try the following:

Method 4
Carefully disconnect all cables, noting where they plug in.
Remove Smart Card.
Take the PVR to the highest point at your premises above ground level.
With both hands, raise the PVR above your head.
Using an accelerating downward motion of your arms, release the PVR to the ground.
The resulting audible impact of the PVR with the ground will not fix the problem, but
will give you an emotional high to partially offset the immense frustration you have recently been going through.

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